Fred’s story

Fred was born with his lip and palate not formed properly, causing a cleft lip and palate.

Every time Fred would try to drink, the milk went back up his nose and he couldn’t swallow. Desperate to feed her son, Fred's mother Sissy tried to nurse little Fred, but there was nothing she could do.

Sissy knew her beautiful boy was slowly starving to death.

In the poorest places, mothers like Sissy sit for hours just trying to drip enough milk into their children’s mouths to keep them alive for another day. Fred’s tiny cries broke his mother’s heart, but there was nothing else Sissy could do.

When CBM workers found Fred, he never strayed too far from the shadows. Fred’s whole world consisted of the doorway of his family’s one-room hut, and his mother’s roadside vegetable stand. Fred had never been to school – his disability made it hard for him to form words properly, making Fred’s speech slurry and difficult to understand.

Fred has a brighter future now, thanks to the support of our generous donors. With help, CBM’s expert surgeons were able to repair Fred’s cleft lip and palate, and Fred received the care, rehabilitation and support he needed as he healed.

Thanks to the generosity of CBM supporters, Sissy has hope for her son and Fred’s life has been restored. Now, instead of covering his face with his hands, Fred’s face is covered with smiles!

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